Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Expanding Your Makeup Collection

I thought this one would be a fun post to do...I know I've been blogging about makeup quite a bit lately with this MACtober thing I've got going along, but recently I've been super into watching makeup collections on YouTube and organization videos, watching how people organize their makeup and what makeup they have...my favorite by far was by amarixe...watch that by clicking here. This collection is like, my dream collection and beyond...and this video has definitely inspired me to expand my makeup and nail polish collection. So in this blog post, I'll be giving you some tips on how to gradually expand your collection. Mine is actually pretty small, I think I have like one Ulta set thinger that turned out to be totally crappy, lol, and then I've got a few Clinique duos and trios that were free gifts with purchase, a Clinique blush/bronzer duo, I have three brushes, a few glosses, a lipstick, three brushes, around five or six mascaras, three Clinique liners, and an eyelash curler. I think that's about it...lol. I think that expanding your makeup collection would be fun and challenging at the same time. It would be so fun to watch your makeup collection grow and to have different options in the mornign when it comes to putting on your makeup. I actually got my first makeup for my ninth birthday, although I rarely wore it. I had really wanted some Clinique eyeshadow, so I got this duo thinger that came with my mom's purchase, and I never used that, rarely did I use that. I would have to say that I really started gettng into makeup around the time I discovered the YouTube beauty community. I would definitely love to expand my collection, I think it would be something fun...well, anyway here are some tips I've found help me to succeed when it comes to expanding my makeup collection, I hope you find these helpful. Also, you can watch my makeup collection from one year ago by clicking here.
-Okay, so if you're really really super interested in expanding your collection, nothing else, like that's your main focus, then ask for giftcards or makeup for your birthday for Christmas, whatever other holiday you may celebrate. I reccomend a giftcard rather than actual makeup because then you can go pick out exactly what you want...there may be something in stores or at the counter that is not online or something may look really bad online but gorgeous in stores or the other way around.
-Stick mainly to higher end makeup like MAC, Clinique, Chanel, etc. Yes, this makeup is expensive but it is worth it. Personally, I find that drugstore makeup has generally poor quality and higher end makeup lasts me a while, is a good quality. An exception would be mascara, I personally can't find a better mascara than anything from Maybelline. Also, I like Burt's Bees because it is natural, but other than that, I generally like to skip drugstore makeup.
-Save up for something you really want! Pays off in the end(;

So, I hope you guys found those tips helpful...good luck with expanding your makeup collection!

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