Sunday, October 2, 2011

MACtober 2nd - Lustreglass Review

So this post will cover my thoughts on MAC Lustreglass. I actually have tried one MAC gloss was MAC Lustreglass but I am not exactly sure what shade it is, the bottom just said "04" so I don't's my friends and she put some on my hand and I put some on my lips...I have to say I was quite impressed. It smelled super yummy, and the color looked amazing with my skintone. I absolutely loved it. It was a very bright pink and I have to say I'm happy she only pt it on my hand rather than me using it straight from the applicator right out of the tube...I think it would have been way way too bright and would've made me look like a total circus clown. It wasn't as sticky as everyone says MAC gloss is, and I was upset that it didn't last that long, only a few hours with me not eating or drinking anything. When it was on my lips, it was absolutely GORGEOUS though and so so beautiful and this gloss is definitely on my wishlist because it was absolutely stunning and made my lips look like candy, all pink and girly and yummy! I wanted to eat that lipgloss! Plus, it was really moisturizing and smelled so good! YUM! I have researched the different shades of MAC Lustreglass and I think that this is probably either Wonderstruck or possibly Pinkarat or even Flashmode...but I really do think that, based on the swatches I've seen, I think it is Wonderstruck. I remember the Lustreglass was SUPER pigmented and I remember that in order to make it gossy I needed to use some of my Burt's Bees lipgloss on top...whatever the case, MAC Lustreglass in 04 is absolutely gorgeous and I totally am in love with it!
MAC Lustreglass in Wonderstruck

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