Saturday, October 1, 2011

MACtober 1st

So, it's October you probably already know...and I'll be doing this little thing called "MACtober" but the thing is, I don't have much MAC makeup, just an eyeshadow right know, lol:) I know some people participate in Rocktober or Oktoberfest or whatever else, I know Amarixe ( is doing Blogtober where she'll be blogging every single day during the month of October...but I do that anyway, so I figured MACtober. Wouldn't that be fun? I think so. I will try to blog every single day though. Hopefully. But since I only have one MAC shadow in the color Naked Lunch, what is there to talk about> I've done my MAC top five wishlist. But I was thinking I could do more detailed wishlists, like one day I could do a lipglass wishlist, then a lipstick wishlist, an eyeshadow wishlist, blush wishlist, etc. And then maybe I could do one day where I introduced links to other sites that blog about MAC and have amazing swatches, or possibly, if I'm able to get that lipglass I'm saving up for, I could swatch that, or maybe one day I could do a review of MAC shadow, with why I love it rather than just me rambling on and on about it as I did in my last swatch/review of it, or one day I could talk about what to pair with it, things like that, or talk about a new collection I'm excited for...hopefully that wouldn't be too boring, right? Good, I hope not! Let's hope this works, and although I will definitely try my best to do a MACtober post every single day, I am making no promises whatsoever. I picked MACtober just because I personally myself absolutely love the brand, even though I only have tried one shadow, and also because a lot of people LOVE the brand so I thought you guys might find me blogging about MAC every day a little interesting...I hope you enjoy MACtober! Thank you for reading this! xoxo

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