Sunday, October 23, 2011


For anyone who doesn't is my life. In fact, I'm listening to music right now, as I type this post...Innocent by Tayor Swift, which is, btw, an amazing song. I guess this post is gonna be I deteremine my favorite song...sounds simple, I know. It kind of is. Basically, I think there's a song for every situation. I KNOW there's a song for every situation, at least that I've been through. So whatever I'm going through at the moent, generally love-life-wise, that's my favorite song... for example, if I say, just met someone and they were absokuely AMAZING then I guess you could say Enchanted might be my favorite song. Or sometimes it involves other things. Fortunately, thankfully, I've never been bullied...let's say I was. Then my favorite song would be "Perfect" by P!nk. I find that I love Taylor Swift songs and nine times out of ten my favorite song is by her. Anyway, I get that this post is random...haha.But for some reason I felt like I had to post it. Oh, and I bet you're wondering what my favorite song right now is...changing like every other second between "Mine," "Forever and Always," and "The Story of Us," all by Taylor Swift. xoxoxo.

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