Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x13 - "The First Secret"

As you may know, my favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars, is currently on hiatus :'( Luckily on Wednesday October 19, I got my PLL fix...for now...when a special Halloween episode titled "The First Secret" premiered on ABC Family. This one was an amazing episode, as I expected it was. I'm not giving you guys the plot synopsis or anything, because I feel like that would spoil it, but I warn you now...there may be spoilers in the following. If you do not wish to read quite yet, simply exit out of this post and go find yourself another post to read, or simply exit out of my blog! Anyway, here were some of my thoughts aboutthis amazing episode! Also, if you missed the episode, you can watch it by clicking here. But anyway, here are my thoughts...warning...they're random, haha!-My favorite scene had to be when Aria as talking to Byron about Meredith...this one was quite upsetting and if I were in Aria's shoes I probably would've felt the same way.
-I'm so happy they finally brought up the whole twin thing when Alison was telling the boy Hanna was babysitting the story.
-I kind of expected something like that from Ben at one point or another. I'm sort of happy it didn't actually happen though, because I hate Ben and Emily together.
-Hanna's freaking hilarious, especially when she was watching that movie. LMAO at her stuffed animal.
-Jenna was super pretty when she first met Alison, as is Meredith.
-This one's gonna be kind of obvious...but I think the real person with the knife, I think that was most definitely A.
-Spencer...ohmygod Spencer. Wtf was with the nerd act? And all the smarts? And that costume!
-I was so happy when Aria bumped into Ezra.
-So many hilarious quotes....

♥ "How ugly is pretty ugly?"
"Hideous. And don't even get me started on her big a**."
♥ "Shy on the streets, sexy on the sheets."
♥"Of course she's old now, and she smells TERRIBLE."
♥"What were you and that new girl talking about?"
"Nothing....she's a SLUT."

That's just to name a few!

Anyway, definitely an amazing episode overall and I can't wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back on in January. I was so happy when I saw Spoby talking in the new preview thinger for the new season in January...and OMFG Mike punched Ezra! Definitely interested to see how Aria' family reacts, especially Ella. I can't wait to see what happens between Haleb and Emaya either...I love PLL romances!

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