Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! Chocolates, cute boys, and origami!

Happy Valentines Day! It's that time of year again! The day which Cupid symbolizes (you know, the short, chubby toddler wearing nothing but a diaper and wings ;) hahahhh. Obviously, Valentines Day means looooove. Giggle. Not gonna talk much about that, because if I did then a) It'd be super duper awkward and b) I'd just embarrasss myself, and that is NOT an option on a public blog like mine. So I'd like to stay off that topic, and focus on something yummy. Chocolate! I'm not quite a chocaholic, although yes, I do love chocolate, because HELLO!!! Who doesn't ADORE chocolate?? Well ok, I prefer red velvet... but anyway. Chocolate. And strawberries. Let's put this as an equation: Chocolate + Strawberries = Love! And if it's milk chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle, or white chocolate with milk chocolate drizzle, even better! When it comes to food, I am a perfectionist, especially with the appearance and taste of the food. And what looks better or tastes yummier than chocolate covered strawberries? NOTHING! And then of course, there's caramel. One word. Yum. Ok, not as yum as the chocolate covered strawberries, but still absolutely amazing. Except, it's super sticky. But anyway, chocolate is yum. I really like fudge swirl ice cream - my dessert today - topped with strawberries! What's better??? Yea, didn't think anything was. Now. The awkward subject haha. Cute boys. Well, and hot ones, too (: but most of the guys I know are more cute than they are hot, teehee. Ok. Whenever I think of Valentines Day, "love" is the first word that pops into my mind. The two are like day and night. They go together. So, I mean, what is there to say that I don't mind saying publicly, about cute boys... hmm that's a hard one. Well obviously they're cute? Hahahh anyway I guess not much. I'm sad that there aren't many cute boys in my classes this year. Just 3 hahahhhh. Hope one of those 3 isn't reading this ;) and then, there's origami. Which, FYI, my fav origami guy is RobH0629 from YouTube... if you're into origami and haven't yet subscribed to him, you should. I'm going to be talking about 2 designs in particular - the beating heart, and the rose. The beating heart I made. Ok fine, at 10:00 last night when I was supposed to be in bed... but Rob makes it super easy to follow along. My heart came out absolutely amazing! I love it! Even though I used white paper because I had no red printer paper hahahh. And then there's the rose. Oh, the rose. Now, there are definitely easier ways of doing the rose (like, one of those cute boys I mentioned earlier made one for me :D) but I love the one that Rob can make. Ice tried 3 or 4 times now, and failed every time. The rose is definitely an advanced model, as Rob mentioned in his video. I figured I'd try it out. I'm currently in the process of trying for the 5th time now, and it's coming out pretty good - in fact, it's been getting better and better each time. I'm really hoping it works, because this rose looks so amazingly realistic. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm using white printer paper. I think it would look a mil times better in red, but unfortunately I don't have red computer paper. Oh well. I'll have to ask for some for my bday. You should really go check out Rob though. Amazingness! Like, THE origami master hahahhh. What else did I want to mention... oh yea! I wanted to do some shoutouts (YouTube) and I've picked 4 username. They are... (drumroll please ;) lexnsamxx, lexnsamxx2, beautyisourthing, jenlexsamannie. Okay yea, my friend Sam is a part of all of em lol. But still. They're like, my bffls, so PLEASE do me a huge favor and go subscribe. You'll enjoy the vids, I promise. Hahahhhh. Well I guess I'd better go to bed. I'm not supposed to be blogging lol but oh well, I am anyway. Hahah. Love you, and I hope you and your - ahem - special someone - if you have one - enjoyed your Valentines Day, and that is was full of loooooooove.

Ali (who is dreading the dentist appt she has tmrw)

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