Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm flipping out because I can't find my phone!

The title says it all. So it's 2:29 AM and I found it hard to sleep, decided to blog. This might be somewhat rant like... but I can't find my phone! Let's tell the story... so I went to bed at about 10, then texted Annie (yea, formerly Spencer) til about 11:05. Then I fell asleep on my phone, which is kindof normal for me lol. I'd been texting pretty much all day, so the battery was pretty much dead. I plugged my phone into the charger, before I fell asleep, then texted Annie, like I said, til about 11:05. Then I just could not sleep. I slep til about 2ish, then woke up, looking for my phone, and freaked out when it wasn't in the charger. So where the heck is my phone?!?! I've tried everything. I've sent myself texts, using Textfree app, I've tweeted myself... of course, it wouldn't help that a) my phone is on silent, and b) this room is too dark to see anything because hey, it's 2AM. No, don't freak out, it's actually February break so it's not a school night. But I NEED my phone! What if one of my friends texts me? What if it's an emergency and someone has to reach me? What am I supposed to do then? I need to find my phone, wherever it may be! Yea, I've tried using my iPod screen as a flashlight! And obv, when it's on silent, it won't buzz or anything, but the screen still should light up! And it didn't... did my phone turn off? I lose my phone too many times. I'll prob have my sis help me in the morning, as she is great at finding lost phones, I've learned from experience ;) Luckily. I cannot have totally lost it... has to be in this room, because I never took it out! Where would it have gone? Like that's the thing about phones. They need to be small and portable, yet big enough so you don't lose them easily. My phone is quite average size, and that's not that big. So I'm sorry if this entry seemed a little strange and awkward to you... remember, it's 2:40 AM now! Hahah. I'll let you know on Twitter when I find my phone (:

-Ali <3

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