Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My #1 dislike!!!

Compared to my other posts, this one is a bit shorter, sorry! y #1 dislike: the dentist. Every time I know I have a dentist appt, it really irks me. Okay, yea, I'm scared of the dentist, I will admit. I guess it's worse when I'm at the orthodontist, but still, to me, both are awful. Horrible. Terrible. It's like a trip to the dentist/orthodontist turns my day into a terrible, horrible, very bad day. I guess I've had a few bad experiences w dentists, and even if I hadn't, going to the dentist would still be terrible, horrible, and very, very bad. So first I think I'll tell you some of my stories. Story #1. The X-RAYS!!! When I was 6 I had a really small-ish mouth hahahh, so whenever I'd go to the x-Ray room at the dentist, I'd FREAK OUT! That little piece of plastic or cardboard or whatever it may be practically choked me to death. And I couldn't breathe or swallow very well. So after that first experience (I prob would've been fine after) I hated x-rays. I guess I really didn't give them a fair shot, but hey, I was 6, and they caused me pain. So I got the x-rays that day, and I haven't had another x-ray until I was like, 11. Lol. Bad memory of dentist #2: the TOOTH EXTRACTIONNNN!!! One of the worst experiences of my life. My tooth needed to be taken out, and so I had this funny orange plastic nose thing to breathe in. It made me a little dizzy, but it was orange scented, and it made relaxing a teensy bit easier (still was very hard) but i also couldn't see what the dentist was doing, which was good. After that, I remember my tooth being realllly bloody and painful, and it took me quite a while to eat normal again. I do remember getting a turquoise Aeropostale tote as a present from my mom that day, and going shopping afterward. That made it a little better. But not alot. Bad experience #3: THE ORTHODONTIST!!! My many trips to the orthodontist are most of my bad experiences. I'm just gonna tell a few though. Like this one - I needed some weird expanded thingy, so I needed to get molds of my teeth done, obviously. This may seem simple, but I'm pretty sure it was the most painful experience of my life, no joke. So I needed 2 molds of my top teeth and 2 of my bottom. The lady who was doing it didn't do anything wrong, I don't think, until the 2nd one on top. I had done all the others. I have, as I learned that day, VERY sensitive gums. She practically shoved the thing in my gums, and even though it was only 1 min 30 secs, the thing absolutely KILLED ME! It hurt sooo sooo much!!! I could've sworn I was gonna die of pain, too. I didn't start crying until she was done, because I was absolutely bewildered. It was AWFUL!!!! Next story!! SPACERS! I never thought a little blue rubber band could cause so much pain and discomfort! It absolutely killed me. I couldn't eat, and couldn't really think straight either. Then, to top it off, when they took the spacer out, there wasn't enough space between 2 of my teeth, so the orthodontist had to CUT OFF A PIECE OF MY TOOTH, to make room! Like what the heck are you doing?!?!! In MY MOUTH?!?!?!?!?! It hurt realllly bad and was bloody and absolutely terrifying. When he did it, he was talking in like dental language, of course, so I had no idea what he was planning on doing. It was bloody and disgusting. Ew. I guess I should end on a good note, too. There are 3 hygenist ladies there that I really do like, actually. They're SUPER NICE and try their best not to hurt me (because they know how much I HATE it there, lol) Theyre like suuupppperrrr nice and talk about Twilight and Pretty Little Liars and shopping in between and while they're working on my mouth. Honestly, I could pretty much guarantee it when they work on my teeth it doesn't hurt as much, during AND after. Of course, all if those stories, yea, those 3 lovely dentists weren't involved. Poo. Btw, all those were 100% TRUE, not altered in the tiniest way. I pinky swear!

Ali <3

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  1. hi,
    You really do know how to make a visit to the denist come alive!! I am glad I never had braces. getting my teeth cleaned is bad enough Grammy