Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shoutouts... to WEBSITES!

Hey! I thought it would be cool to do some WEBSITES! I'm a huuuge techie, so of course I love the computer. Obviously, I don't spend my time on just 1 website all the time. I'm gonna give a "shoutout" to some of my favs, and a brief synopsis of each! Go check em out!

1. YouTube. Well duh! I LOVE YouTube! I hope you guys know what YouTube is, but if you (gasp!) if you don't, it's a video sharing website! Awesome x 10. Check me out at

2. Blogger. This one was kindof a given. If you're reading this, you've arrived at my BLOG! Whichn was made using Blogger. FYI, in case you have noidea what it is (which you should), Blogger is just a website that allows you to make your very own blog! Love!

3. Twitter. Lately, I've been a Twitter FREAK! Love Twitter, and I've been tweeting as much as I can lately. I've also been RTing. Haha on Twitter, you can share your thought's and what you're doing, but don't worry, you can make your Twitter private. Like I did. Btw, I'm @hersheykiss723

4. Playlist! This website is like my life! Music, music, music! You can play almost any song you can think of, for free. Yep, that's right. For FREE! Make an account, and you can make a playlist, and even share it with your friends who also have playlist accounts.

5. ABC Family Pretty Little Liars. Aka the official site of one of my OBSESIONS! Hahah on this amazing site, you can browse through pictures of the cast, read blogs, take polls, learn about the actors/actresses, and my personal favorite, watch clips of next weeks episode and FULL EPISODES! Any PLL ep I've missed, I can trust this official site to upload it, so I can sit back and enjoy.

6. Elf Yourself! This is my favorite Christmas website ever. You can put you and your friends' faces onto the body of an elf, then watch a hilarious video, and of course share it w your friends through email. Amazing! Of course, this is a Christmas only website. (Sadly, only available around Christmas time)

7. Yahoo. This one's a classic. Yahoo. It's basically like a home page type MSN, Aol, whatever else. There's mail, news, weather, kids, messenger, sports, you name it, they got it. Personally, I love Yahoo, and you probably will too.

8. Seventeen. Now, as you know, Seventeen is one of my favorite magazines, so logically, the website would hav to be one of my favs too. Found on here are quizzes, games, beauty, fashion, and love advice, and a whole lot more! Check it out now!

Do you guys think 8 is enough?!?!? I do, hahah! Of course, those aren't the only 8 I can be found on, but those are just some faves!


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