Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ice Skatingggg

On Thursday, I went ice skating, and this winter, I've only been ice skating 2 times. The first, in January, with my sister and her best friend, and the second, Thursday, with my sisters and cousin. Th first time I was pretty much krazy glued to the wall hahaha, and I fell 3x, and once, it was kind of like dominoes...I was holding on to my sister, I fell, then she did, then her best friend did. This second time I went, I actually fell only once, and it was towards the end, too, and I fell flat on my butt...gthen it was like, impossible to get up w/o falling back down. But this second time, I could actually skate pretty well after 10-15 minutes. It was really fun, and I had a couple of races with my little sisters. Sadly, they won all 3 lol and I lost, but hey, they fell 5 and 11 and 24 times, and I fell just 1x. Hahahh I could go quite fast (: It was enjoyable, but of course I got a blister on my big toe... I should post a doesn't show my face like, at all, but I think I should get my parents' approval first...hahahh I'm gonna wrap this post up and then start working on a book review! Check back later to read!
xo, a

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