Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday and YOUTUBE!

I've started to procastinatre very slightly when it comes to blogging. Just a teeny bit. Like, I didn't blog yesterday. Or the day before. And the day before that was a super short entry. Whatevs. I'm gonna try and get back on track with my blogging. So anyway, today is Super Bowl Sunday, the Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers! Honestly, I'm thinking that the Steelers will win, and for some reason, I keep thinking they're gonna win by 3. I'm not exactly the biggest sports fan, but I'm just hoping for the Steelers. Idk why. Just am.

Right now as I'm typing, I'm also uploading my first STL video, so look out for that!!! Speaking of YouTube, I almost have 100 subscribers! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway once I reach 100! What do you think would be a cool prize??? Let me know, because I'm 3 away from 100 currently!!! Thanks so much to my lovely subscribers! When my STL video uploads, you guys really should check out the cool girls mentioned in the video! You guys will love their videos! If you wanna be mentioned in my next Share the Love, either comment and subscribe, or make me love, love, LOVE your vids! Everyone mentioned in this weeks is either a subscriber, or their videos are awesome! Currently my video is 83% saved, then it has to upload, and should take less than 5 minutes!

Since I haven't blogged in a bit, I feel like this entry should be a little l;onger. So I guess I'll talk about Seventeen magazine, my favorite magazine of all time (though Glamour comes in at a close second) but anyway, my issue of Seventeen came in the mail yestrday, and I'm absolutely loving it!v I finished reading, cover to cover, last night, and I love it, especially the cover, which is super pretty! I love blue, pink, and purple together!!! And Miranda looks flawless, too!!!! The article on p 126 is interesting as well...

I mean, there's not alot to talk about, I guess that's why I've been procastinating. So I guess I'll be blogging after watching tomorw's new ep of PLL..."Je Suis Un Amie" which is perfect, because...J'adore le francais, et j'adore le Pretty Little Liars! Perfect combo lol!

WellI guess I'll ttyl, don't forget to check me out on YouTube and Twitter! (And my little sisters blog -

Ali ♥

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