Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm such a procastinator, and also a Twitterholic... and a lover of TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray!

I guess that this is gonna be short... ok no, it's gonna be super duper long. Hahahhhhhh because I'm such a procastinator!!!!!! Hehehhhh I'm supposed to be doing my incredibly hard science homework, physics to be exact, and studying for the physics test. But no. Because I am procastinating right now, I am blogging rather than doing all of those things. Giggle. Homework is definitely not one of my favorite things (Je n'aime pas les devoirs) There, ya see? I just started practicing for the French bee, which is Thursday. It's kindof cool to be doing this French bee thing, because our French teacher chose 3 students with the best numerical grades from each homeroom. and oh yea, I'm one of the bestest. Which, btw, I hate going against my friends in things such as I'm going against my guy friend in this one. Haha. Still procastinating, still, still... oh yea, because this homework is long and hard and boring, and I haven't even done #1 yet, even though I know the answer - gravity - duh!!! But I have not a clue for what the answers for qs 2-4 would be lol. Yeah, there's only 4 questions, and I only know the answer to one of them. Well, hope I don't fail the test. Good thing I did the extra credit, which was to make one of those Cartesion diver things, which, I did today, using an empty 2 L Sprite bottle, water, and then a ketchup packet (Thanks, Dunkin Donuts, for the ketchup with my breakfast this morning lol) well anyway, I just answered #1. See, usually I never procastinate at school, but when it come time to do homework, I am the biggest procastinator ever. Haha. Well ok, I'm not done with #1. But I did half of it!!! I hate short answer questions....the test had better be multiple choice! Hahahhhh well anyway...let's talk about something fun. Twitter! Oh yea, I'm such a Twitterholic :) Hahahhhh every single da since I've had my Twitter, I've tweeted, I'm pretty sure, at least 3x a day...I've had my account since late January 2011. So I guess you could say I'm pretty new to Twitter. But yet, I'm in LOVE! Like, favorite website ever! Well, ok, tied with Blogger and YouTube. But you get my point. I absolutely love the concept of Twitter and "tweeting" so whoever came up with it, kudos to you! Great job. Well done. So besides being a procastinator and a Twitterholic, I am also a lover of TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. I used it for the very first time today, and I'm already in LOVE with the stuff! Besides smelling amazing, this stuff not only protects your hair from heat, but also (I've noticed an improvement, anyway) keeps my hair smooth and non-frizzy. And, it was only $3 and change, for 8 oz. Is that not a good deal?!?!? if you're looking for a good heat protectant, this product is for you ♥


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