Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's wrong with using Wikipedia?

I trust Wikipedia, and use it to look things up all the time... usually the upcoming episodes of Pretty Little Liars or the upcoming episodes of Spongebob... and there's never once been a time where Wikipedia was wrong. And usually when I work on a school project I look things up on Wikipedia, then I'm like "Oh, wait, apparently Wikipedia's not trustworthy so then I go to some other site and the information is pretty much exactly the same, just stated differently. Anyway, who would put fake info on a site like Wikipedia? Well, I love most wikis actually... the Spongebob wiki, the PLL wiki, the Twilight wiki...I mean, who doesn't love em? Then there's those Mario game wikis also. I hate when the teacher assigns a huge project then is like "No using Wikipedia! It's not trustworthy!" but in my opinion it so is. Like, seriously, the research part of the project would be done in practically half the time if we could use Wikipedia...they really should make a website just like Wikipedia with guaranteed true info and facts, but it wouldn't be a wiki... that would just save so much time and all...of course, that would take alot of work, and you'd have to add and take away some info. But whatever. I so <3 wikipedia, ESPECIALLY Pretty Little Liars Wiki, however I am finding that some of that info is not all completely true, and a lot of the articles are stubs. But still, I am a huge PLL fan, obviously lollll sooo, I still adore that wiki. The Twilight wiki and Spongebob wiki are uge, and most  info is true, however on the Twilight wiki, as in the PLL wiki, I am finding many stub articles. So, I think I should make a wiki account and fix em up a bit ;) lol...Lunchtime, will blog later!
xoxo, Ali ♥

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