Monday, February 21, 2011

Speak Now

Ok, so I know this album came out last year, but I actually ordered my copy from the library way before it came out. I finally got it in late December/early January, so I immediately put it on my iPod. I never really had a chance to listen to all of the songs until today. Well, they are AMAZING! Of course I'd listened to a few of them before, and they'd then became my favorite songs... Speak Now, Haunted, Enchanted, Back to December, Mine...those are seriously the only songs I've listened to on that album. Well, until today, that is. I was in the car and bored so I just pressed shuffle on my iPod, and the first song played was "Sparks Fly" which is now one of my FAVORITE songs on that album. It's so catchy... the others are, too, don't get me wrong, b Sparks Fly is just an all around amazing song. Love it. Another one I heard was Last Kiss, which I didn't really like, it being the exception on the album. It was too slow in my opinion. However, if it had been a slightly faster song, it would have been brilliant. Then there's "The Story of Us' I was so inspired, I made a lyric video and posted it to YouTube! and I have to say, it came out pretty good. Then, there's Innocent, Better than Revenge, Long Live, Never Grow Up, Dear John, Mean...I really liked Dear John...that was a good, catchy one that I would add to my list of favorites. The only ones I didn't like really were Never Grow Up, and Last Kiss. Some slow songs are nice, but those were just a bit too slow for me. Like I said, if they had been sped up a slight bit, they would've been nice. Another thing I really love about these songs is that they have great quotes in them, and I love to tweet them, they make for the perfect quote. I think I should make a Twitter account just for quotes...whadda you think? quotes are something I've been loving recently haha. If you can't tell, go to my Twitter and check who I'm following, most f them are quoters lol. The quotes in the songs from this album are absolutely amazing, and there are so many of them...quite a few in each song, actually. They're all really catchy, I love em. Amazingness. And in the little album booklet thing, Taylor looks absolutely beautiful. No, I didn't buy the album, hard copy or iTunes, but I did look through when I picked it up at the library. I feel like I need to get a hard copy for myself, giggle.  Taylor, I think  for the past 3 years, has come out with a new album about every year...Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now... actually, the line I'm loving in "Speak Now" is "Wearing a gown shaped like a pastry" It's funny to imagine a pastry shaped gown :D lolllll I wanna go dress shopping.... well, anyway, here's the cover of Speak Taylor's dress haha
Don't you just love the purple shade of that dress? Really pretty color, isn't it? I think that for the dance at my school next year, that is definitely going to be the color dress I will be wearing. that pretty purple, with hints of pinks and blues mixed in. Oh, and I'm typing this at a normal time... it's 6:22 lol. hahahhh. Anyway, love love LOVE this album... Taylor is an amazing singer! Love her forever!
-Ali ♥

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