Monday, February 21, 2011


I know the topic of this is kindof broad... I'm sorry, it's exactly 3 AM, not exactly wide awake. I think I'll do this in sections... like face, eyes, lips... so let's begin.
FACE: Foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer... all for the face. What is all that stuff anyway? Well... foundation, liquid or powder, is something that you put all over your face. It acts kind of like a "base," and somewhat hides your flaws. Concealer is kindof like foundation. It's more... "precise" if that makes sense... remember, it's 3:03 AM haha. It covers up things like... under eye circles, all that lovliness. Blush... it's usually a pinkish or reddish powder dusted lightly across the cheeks to make you look more rosy? I'm sorry, it's 3:05. Bronzer is the same, but obviously I'm a bronze color. It's designed for you to dust across your cheekbones and on your face all over even - to make you look naturally tan. Face makeup is something that comes in many forms... there's still more... tinted moisturizers.. there's alot of stuff I didn't go over. Face makeup acts as a "base" at least, to me it does. I think it's a good place to start.
EYES: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye primer. Personally, eye makeup is my favorite. There's so many different colors, and with the right colors, you can make your eyes go with any outfit (ok ik that sounds slightly cheesy...) but it's true. Eyeshadow is usually a powder, but there are cream shadows as well. Eyeshadows, I prefer them pigmented and slightly shimmery. So, you sweep eyeshadow across your eyelids, up to your browbone... there's not really a right or wrong way to do eyeshadow. I love the stuff. Then, eyeliner is a fun thing to play with. Gel, kohl, pencil. So many different forms. You can use eyeliner as eyeshadow, to create a wing, or simply to line your tightline, waterline, lashlines, etc. It makes your eyes really "pop" I think, and comes in various colors. You can also use it to highlight the inner corner, for example NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Mascara. This is one of my favs. You put mascara on your lashes, and usually, it helps emphasize them and make them bigger and more volumious. Love. Eye primer. Just a base, really. Helps your shadow stay longer. Not mandatory, but reccomended for crease proof shadow that will last.
LIPS: Lipstick, lipbalm, lipgloss, lipliner. All lip products. Personally, my favorite is lipgloss, so let's start off with that. Lipgloss is obviously, a gloss worn on your lips. It moisturizer them, as well as sometimes adds color and shine. Love it. Lipstick. Not as moisturizing, more opaque color. Variety of colors from pink to red to purple or even blue! Not that that is common haha. Lipbalm. Most moisturizing. Usually colorless, well, with the exception of tinted lipbalm haha. Just a balm. Nothing special. Lipliner. Kind of like eyeliner. But you fill in your lips with it. Lipliners come in most shades lipsticks do, and it kindof acts like a base for the lipstick. Not necessary, but many people like it.
BODY/NAILS: Body shimmer, body butter, nail polish, etc. Body shimmer. A shimmery powder you dust on your body... to make it kore shimmery, obv! Hah. Body butter... A super moisturizing "butter" like substance for your body, w/o the grease. Lol. Nail polish... lawyer for your nails! <333
Makeup isn't to cover up your flaws, it's meant to enhance your natural beauty.

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