Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A super duper funny story

Hey. So it's 9:42. I'm just lying in bed, bored, texting Spencer Abbott. She already knows the story ur about to read, but anyway, I was super tempted to blog, even though I'm supposed to be in bed hahahhh. So I'm blogging from my iPod, which, I usually am. So here goes a super duper funny story. Btw, my mom knows none of this ever happened lol. Last night, I was using the heat protectant I got over the w/e. There was a protective cover thing on it. It was kindof like a mini hair clip, with a "clamp" type thing. Last night was like, the 3rd time I'd used it. I'd never bothered to throw the hard, plastic clamp type protective seal thingy away, I'd just stuck it back on so my heat protectant wouldn't leak all over my flatiron cover. So, I applied it before blowdrying my hair, then put it back on and blowdried. I straighten my hair every time I wash it. So, I went to take the funny clampy seal type thingy off to put some more in my hair to straighten it, and it goes FLYING! I look everywhere for it but can't seem to find it. (I bet you know where it landed - yep. In the TOILET!) But this thing is too hard and too big to flush w/o clogging the toilet. So that leaves me w 1 option - I have to get it out!!! Ew no, I'm definitely not gonna reach my hand in and grab it. So I call my little sister in, and I'm like, uh, we've got a problem. I point to the toilet, and no, there's no pee or poo in it or anything, thank goodness. Just the funny little sealy thing floating around. She wouldn't be afraid to get it out, probably. So I tell here "wait here" then I race to the kitchen and grab some paper towels and a pink plastic fork. When I get back to the bathroom, I place some paper towels on the floor, then hand the pink plastic fork to my sister. So, she takes the fork and scoops up the funny little sealy thingy! Then she throws it on the paper towels. I shriek and jump back, and she's all calm, and then, as "revenge" makes me pick it up and throw it out. Oh, great. So using several paper towels as layers of gloves, I grab the disgusting fork and the funny plastic sealy thingy and race to the trash. Of course, I drop it along the way, and it nearly touches my foot, but luckily, I jump back just in time. Ew. So I make it to the trash, finally. And that story is over. And yes, it is 100%. true! Not altered one little bit. Hahah if you wanna read my sisters blog, go to and follow her - but be warned - she has a crazy obsession for her Webkinz lol! But hey, she got out my funny plastic sealy thing when I needed it out of the toilet. Thanks, little sis!

Ali <333

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