Monday, February 7, 2011

My food fears and dislikes!

Awhile back, well, a few days ago, actually, I posted an entry called "I'm a foodie" and talked about my love of food! Well of course, I don't like every single food out there, in fact, I'm scared of some. Yes, I know my list is long, but I just can't stand these foods.
1) Mushrooms. Or rather, fungus. This is my worst food fear. Even when they grow in the grass, I can't help but be terrified of mushrooms. They creep me out. I used to cry if one of my sisters chased me w a mushroom. And then hide in the bathroom, w the door locked.
2) Salad. Yes, I hate salad. I can't stand salad. That's probably because I hate vegetables. Well, except corn. And potatoes. And sometimes asparagus. But salad is gross. And eating it with dressing just makes it a heck of a lot more disgusting.
3) Guacamole. Ew. Absolutely ew. First of all, the stuff looks like moldy puke. It's so thick and gross and a disgusting texture. Just plain ew.
4) Fish. And most seafood. I don't eat seafood - it's awful. It tastes too rich for me. Yes, lobster is somewhat ok, not the greatest, but I'm just not a fish eater! But hey, at least I'm not eating the little fishies. And being a fisherman is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, btw! So I think of this as doing the world a favor.
5) Donuts. I have a BIG story on why I absolutely hate donuts. And it's disgusting too. I think I'll blog about my little story in my next post. But donuts, ever since that little incident, are a big fat NO for me.
6) Liver. Ok, I've never tried liver, I admit. But I've heard plenty of stories on how disgusting it is. And would you want to eat a liver? Does it sound too appetizing?!?! I think not. I say no.
7) Pickles. I'm sorry, Spencer Abbott ( but I really hate pickles. Spencer on the other hand is in love. I personally think pickles taste too sour, and I prefer sweeter things. Pickles just aren't my thing. Even those sweet pickles.
8) Mustard. I can't stand mustard! Ew. Horrible taste. That is all.

That was just 8... of course, I hate many more foods, but if I explained ever single one of them, that list never would've ended. Let's see what I can name off the top of my head... mayo, dressing, chowder, black licorice, green olives, brocolli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, salami, raisins, cranberries, cucumbers, bananas, tomatoes, lamb, veal, nuts, and TONS more! Haha I'm not at all saying I'm a picky eater. Because there are tons of foods I love. Red velvet for example. Red velvet anything pretty much... cupcakes, cake, whoopie pies, well, not red velvet pickles or anything hahah but you get my point teehee.

That's all I had to say. Hopefully I will be blogging about my donut story very soon. <3 u.



  1. 1. i hate mushrooms too...
    2. salad is like, my go-to food.
    3. guacamole is AHMAZING.
    4. i hate seafood too!
    5. <3333 donuts
    6. ewwies!
    8. mustard is my go-to condiment.

  2. I hate tomatoes, liver, most vegetables and I only hate when I see mushrooms growing out the ground. wild mushrooms scare me and i would definitely cry if someone chased me around with a wild mushroom.