Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Obsession With TWITTER! ♥

This is probably gonna be pretty short, because I wanted to get a few blog posts out there to make up for the past few days which I have been gone. I just haven't had time to blog... last night was the Father Daughter Dance at my little sisters' school, so me and a friend volunteered to help out. I figured I'd just blog about my newest obsession, which is, Twitter. I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE Twitter. It's like my new favorite website. Hahahhhhh. Love the entire concept, and that I can make my profile private and lock my tweets and all that fun stuff. The website is amazing, if you don't already have a Twitter account, you have no idea what you're missing out on  it's alot. Twitter is just like, you post what you're doing, and there are different accounts set up to tell like, news about Petty Little Liars or teen quotes, or whatever. Twitter is one of those things where you could say... "The greatest thing since sliced bread" It really truly is. Twitter is one of those amazing wows. I have had my Twitter account since mid-late January and I have tweeted almost 800 tweets... 780-ish I'm pretty sure. I just tweet about what I'm doing at the time, and sometimes just random quotes from my favorite"It was....enchanting to meet you" from Taylor Swift's song, "Enchanted" which, btw, is a super good song if you haven't already heard it before. Hahahh right now I'm on Twitter, and Playlist, listening to Alejandro lol. I guess that gets my point across about Twitter


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