Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am not the most "responsible" person you'll ever meet...

I lose almost anything and everything. I've lost my cell phone too many times to count, my iPod I've lost a few times, my favorite penguin bookmark, my lipgloss... give me something, I probably will lose it. At some point or another. Well luckily, so far I've found all of those things. Well, not my FAVORITE BOOKMARK EVER (hahah) and then, my favorite lipgloss (both of which I lost just this week, the bookmark yesterday, the lipgloss today) and I'm hoping that both will show up soon. I lost my super cool penguin bookmark yesterday. Sadly. Can't find it, ahhh! It was adorable too! Ughhh so mad. Hahah it may seem Luke just a bookmark. That was my favorite one though. And then my awesome lipgloss - Lancôme Juicy Tubes :( and it smelled realllly good, so that kinda sucks. Of course, yesterday I also lost the USB for my camera. So that means no more videos on YouTube til I find it. Ahhh. If you've ever met me in real life, I don't seem like the type to lose things. But, if you know my well enough, like peaceypenguin hahah, then you know I lose things ALL THE TIME! Im the type of person that if we're doing classwork, and the teacher says "Give it to someone on you're group who won't lose it," I'm always the one who it's given too. Luckily, I'm actually pretty responsible when it comes to schoolwork. It's just things like lipgloss and cell phones. Which suckkkkss for me!!!! Ughhh. Anywayyy, because I'm a positive person... I thought I'd include a few quotes I've gotten off Twitter...

"I'm so good at sleep, I can even do it with my eyes closed. Yeah, I'm legit."

"I'm fluent in 3 languages - English, Sarcasm, and Profanity."

Hahahhhhh <3. If you aren't following them, you really should. Awesome.

-Ali xo

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