Friday, February 11, 2011

Red velvet EVERYTHING (:

Someone: "Whats your favorite cake flavor?"
Me: "Red velvet"
Someone: "Whats you're favorite food?"
Me: "Red velvet whoopie pies"
Someone: "What flavor will you're wedding cake be?"
Me: "Red velvet with cream cheese icing"

Yea, I love, love, LOOOOVE red velvet. Favorite thing ever. Not only is it delicious, but it's more than just delicious (if that makes sense lol) red velvet anything is my favorite food in the whole world. I absolutely adore red velvet. My favorite! If you come to my wedding someday, I can guarantee the cake probably will be red velvet with either cream cheese or buttercream icing. Just one word - YUMMMM! What's weird is that even though red velvet is similar to chocolate, I usually don't eat chocolate cupcakes, I love red velvet (as if you didn't already know that haha;) but anyway, its hard to describe what makes red velvet so good. The flavor, maybe??? Idk. It's delicious, and if you haven't tried it, OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOURE MISSING OUT ON. Yummylicious (: Red velvet whoopie pies, of course, are even better than red velvet cupcakes in my opinion. The ULTIMATE food I think. If I could only eat 1 food for the rest of my life, red velvet whoopie pies would be it.


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