Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music + bad words = bad mix

I can't stand when a song has a bad word in it. It annoys me soooo much... Avril Lavigne's "What the H---" and P!nk's "F----- Perfect" are just 2 examples of reallllly good songs that are ruined by cuss words. Ugh why do those artists put bad words in such good songs? It drives me crazy. But the thing is, most songs without a bad word are for little kids, or old people. No offense. Well, with the exception of like, Taylor Swift. But other than that, pretty much all good songs have a bad word somewhere in them. Then, when that song is stuck in your head, you nd up singing along to it, and without noticing, those words just happen to slip out of your mouth. What's wrong here??? I hate hate HATE when that happens, because then you don't realize what you've said until someone tells you what you said, and usually, the situation isn't good. It especially is bad when those words are in the titl. Because then, when you try and be a nice sister and let your siblings borrow your iPod, they see that song with the bad word in the title, then yoyu get in trouble for buying a song with a bad word on iTunes. What really sucks is hat those songs are amazing. Like, beyond amazing. Why is it that those songs are always my favorites???? Amazingness in those songs, yet bad words. It's all screwy.


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