Friday, June 10, 2011

Bracessss :'(

Oh yea , I got braces on Monday. I'm surprised that the pain is almost completely gone. On Monday, I got them at like 7:30 in the morning before school, and they started to really hurt after an hour. Like, I couldn't think straight. I wanted to kill someone, or like, take drugs. Jk. But seriously, they hurt like h*ll. Like, owieeee! Hahaha. But like, I was eating pizza yesterday and it didn't hurt. There's still pressure on my teeth that I sorta feel, and it hurts when I brush and stuff. But nothing that bad. I already broke one of the brackets, and I went to the dentist on like, Wednesday to get it fixed.... the pain was gone by then actually, Day 3. Actually, that's pretty good, because it can take up to a week normally. Well, I got these Speed Brace things which are like 3x smaller than modern metal braces and apparently there's not supposed to be as much pain? I don't know. But I got like pink elastics! Oh yeaaa they're pretty and haven't yet discolored which is good...

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