Sunday, June 19, 2011

School is amazing, summer, not so much.

Ok, so you probably just read the title and you're probably just like OMFG WHAT?!?! But seriously, why am I saying that school is amazing and summer sucks? Simple. School = TIME WITH BFFLS! Duh! Without my friends, school would suck. Summer is basically just two months you spend friendless. For me anyway. Apparently summer is "family time only" so blah that. I hate that rule so much. my friends are amazing. I have some of the best friends ever, and my favorite teachers, the best! This year has been the best year of my life so far - I have the best teachers, best friends, everything's going so smoothly. I've had straight A's the whole year, even if I did get one 80 on a test. I still got an A- in that class. Once I had all A+'s except in two subjects, one of them gym of course. This year has had it's negatives, such as being forced to run a whole mile in gym, but nothing is perfect. That just made this year more real, I think. I've met so many new friends this year - Annie, E, S, S, A, A, G, A, the list goes on and on. My best friends from like preschool may not have been in my classes, but this is still quite f**kin awesome. I'm going to miss this year so much! Me and Annie will be crying on the last day of school. I'll miss it so much. Summer is supposed to be fun, a vacation, a few months off of school. For me, it's not. It's just time spent away from some of the most amazing people in like my whole life - my friends, who I can completely relate to, and my math teacher, for example, who is my favorite teacher in the entire world. I'm especially going to miss math class. Well, technically it's called Pre-Algebra... but whatever. I have my 3 best friends from this year in that class, the best teacher. It makes algebra enjoyable, surprisingly. I've gotten a 100 on every single math test since like March btw. This year was definitely the best in my life, especially because of one of my friends (don't ask for more than that, that's all I'm saying) but I'm going to miss this so freaking much. I'm not ready to just put this year behind me. Me and Annie are gonna be like sobbing on the last day of school. It's my homeroom teacher's last year as well, he's retiring. *sigh(* I will miss this year so much.

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