Friday, June 10, 2011

Current State of the Union (Yes, this idea is stolen from the Clique ;)

Okay, inspired by the Clique series, I wanted to do a Current State of the Union, because it sounded like it would be fun to do. I'll get into more detail with it though, explain why something's in or out to me. S0ome of these are obvious, but I felt they were important to the list? Hahaha I don't know... I'll do, say, 4 ins and 3 outs? Okkkkk, let's get started!IN:
Oversized big rings! Definite in! You know I love these, scroll down a bit and read the blog post I titled "Collective Haul" - there's a purple/pink floral ring that I got from Forever21 that I've worn literally every day since I got it! It's so pretty. I get my big rings at Forever21. They dress up a bland outfit and make things pretty. And they make a big statement and are bound to get you compliments! I love my Forever21 rings...all so pretty!
 Okay, next in would be...
Music. I feel like this is an obvious one, but also one that I couldn't not include. Music is my life, as I have stated several times before. I just am obsessed. While I blog, I always listen to music actually. I'm now playing "Welcome to the Black Parade" which is like the most amazing song everrrr. It's by My Chemical Romance. But like, I love this song. Music is inspirational. Oh, and there's a song for every situation, for sure. If you have no friends, you always have MUSIC!!! Ok, in number 3...
Pretty Little Liars. With the season 2 premiere in only 4 days, I feel like this is a must to have on my IN list. I'm so excited for Pretty Little Liars to start back up again! I want to see what happens to Spoby, and Melissa...I know Wren is coming back, I can't wait for him to come back, although I don't think that he'd be good for Spoby. But this show is drama, mystery, and romance all in one, the perfect combo! It's a must-see... Remember, Tuesday, June 14th at 8/7 central! Or is it 9/8 central?
Ok, my fourth in for right now is none other than MOUNTAIN DEW! I know soda isn't exactly good for you and sugar isn't good for your teeth and you're not supposed to drink soda with braces on...but Mountain Dew's flavor is too much yumminess to pass on :) it's soo good. Hahaha I actually had Mountain Dew yesterday (at school,) and today (also at school) just because it's like, the end of the year, so there's all these parties and we get to bring in soda...haha. But Mountain dew is a must for me. Best. Soda. Ever. No joke! I actually really wanna try the Mountain Dew Coolatta at Dunkin' Donuts!
Now it's time to do the outs! I'm only gonna do 3 nights, rather than 4 like I did 4 ins... Ok... here are my personal outs for right now! (I'll try to do this more often. Weekly, maybe?)
OUTS (for this week)
Glitter glue. Okay, I know it's like forbidden for a girl to dislike glitter. But I've had enough of it for the week. I had that Euclid project that I mentioned in another post. And we made it pink and glittery with glitter glue, but I had glitter glue all over me, and all over the's a bit messy, but pretty good for 2 people doing the entire thing is less than 2 hours. But I've had enough glitter for one week.
Next thing on my out list would be... STRICT SCHOOL PRINCEY-PALS! (Oh yea, I'm ninja, I said princey-pals teehee)  but seriously, I've had to be so careful lately as to not letting my stupid strict school principal see me. I've broken the dress code every day for the last two weeks, whether it be too short shorts or tank tops with straps thinner than "3 adult fingers" which is very, very lame. And stupid. It got over to 100 degrees the other day, and my icky principal was making students wear like, sweatshirts and stuff from the lost and found over tank tops. Seriously, give the students a break.
Spandex is the last thing on my list. It sort of relates to the dress code thing. So when girls know shorts are too short for school, at my school, they just put Spandex underneath them. I hate this "trend" I think it's tacky and they should just get longer shorts. Spandex looks crappy.It draws attention to their thighs, I think, and makes them look bigger. Hideous. A definite out...

So that's it for this week's in/out list (According to Massie Block, Current State of the Union) Tatata! I'll blog again now, or tomorrow maybe. What about...? You tell me!

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