Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fashion: Crop Tops and Off-the-shoulder tops!

It's probably a bit weird I'm blogging about crop topsand off-the-shoulder tops because I don't personally own any, but I've noticed that so many people are wearing these more and more these days. I definitely think they will be a big trend for summer. I definitely want to go shopping and get a few because they look really cute, comfy, and casual, all in one! Some of my favorite crop tops are from places like Forever 21, Love Culture, Urban Outfitters, and Garage - those in my opinion, are definitely the cutest. Victoria's Secret PINK has a cute crop top I want to get also! A ton more stores are starting to sell these. I think they go well with anything! Macbarbvie07 (Bethany) on YouTube actually made a whole video about crop tops and she shows you how to take a blah tee-shirt and turn it into a supercute crop top. I'll insert the video at the bottom of this blog post. What do crop tops and off-the-shoulder topps have in common? They show more skin, which can be good, or bad. I found a few that I really like and will be showing them to you and telling you why I like them.
1. Victoria's Secret PINK
This one is cute and super casual, and it looks really comfy. Of course, it's pink, and definitely fashionable. You could wear this over a tank, or without a tank, such as the model is wearing! I really like the look of this one! It looks like it's made from super-soft fabric, and is only $17.50, or 2 for $26, at Victoria's Secret PINK. This comes in 5 different, summery, pretty colors.

2. Love Culture
I feel like this top is super cute as well. This one, unlike the first, has a pretty pattern on it, and some pretty flowers! This one is very girly and femionine, and I feel like it would go great with denim cutoffs. This one is definitely affordable at just $14.90! Super cute.

3. Forever 21
This one is actually a tank! It's really girly and cute, it says the word "LOVE" on it! This one is super casual, and a longer crop top too! Not to mention it's only $12.80!This is like, the perfect summer top.

4. Delia's
This is a little more expensive at $19.50, but it is definitely a cute, summery top that you could wear almost anywhere casual. This one's super cute with the graphic heart on the front! I would wear this one with something underneath, because it's a bit short, and then, dark wash denim on the bottom, whether it be a miniskirt, shorts, apris, or even jeans.

5. American Eagle
This crop top is definitely unique. Although it's a plain grey color, it has a casual design and a deep scoop neck - this would not only work for summer, but this may be good for fall as well! This one is on sale for $14.95!

6. Garage
Check out this lace crop top - it's really cute and would probably also be perfect for the beach. You'd definitely have to wear something under this, because it is lace, making this the perfect thing to wear over a brightly colored tank or cami. $19.90

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed these summer trends...well, this summer trend lol. Haha byeeee for now

P.S. Here's macbarbie07's video!

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