Friday, June 17, 2011

French bee!

Today, my school had our French bee. And oh yes, I won. There were three of us on my team, and I actually answered most of the questions, beating my gbf's team YEAY! He was on that team, as well as three other really smart peeps. And I beat them all. I'm in my French teacher's homeroom, he's retiring this year, and in the 13 years he's done 26 French bees, this is the first bee he's ever won. We won with 23 points, the losing team actually got 5. Ha. My gbf's team came in second with 18 points. I still made our team win, I got most of our points, actually Like 10 points from translating sentences, 5 from translating numbers, and then other points too. Because a point was deducted if you got something wrong, which sucked. So happy I won though, this is my French teacher's last ever bee, and we won this for him. I'm so happy. I said I would kick a** today, and I did. Oh yea, I'm a ninja :D

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