Saturday, June 25, 2011


Very sadly, next year is my last year of middle school, so next year would also be the grad dance, of course! (And yes, you can go with a date ;) but anyway, my mother suggested I begin looking for a dress now, and I thought it was way too early. But she's kinda right, all the dresses will be on sale about now, rather than waiting and having to pay full price next year. So in this blog post I'll be describing the dress I want, and sharing pictures, how I want my hair, nails, etc. So, I'm gonna start off with the dress. Oh, and my mother is actually gonna make a dress (she sews)
This is pretty much the dress I want. It's from BCBG Max Azria, so this is over $400. And I'm not gonna pay $400 for a dress for one night. There are several things I like about this dress though - the one shoulder, the detailing at the bottom, the shape...but I definiely want a sweetheart neckline, and preferably, pink. Yes, bright pink. Like...

This dress is also BCBG Max Azria. I just love the color of this dress, definitly what I want my dress ti be! This exact shade! It's so pretty and summery! I love it!

Shoes... I'm not sure yet. I guess I want a pair of pumps, but you can't exactly dance well if they're too high, can you? Okay, lower pumps then. Like 2-3 inches, maybe? Preferably silver, or this color? I'm still not so sure when it comes to shoes. Whatever.

Nails...Okay, I'm not sure about this either. I think I want a French manicure, but with this nail art thing that I've had done before. It's kind of hard to explain, something where you'd have to see a picture to be able to know what it looks like. Luckily for you, I have a picture of part of my nail. It's kinda hard to see, and it's actually from when I was doing my science fair project. Ha!

I know this picture kinda sucks but you can sorta see my nail. It's like 3 lines coming out from the tip. It's really pretty!

Hair...I'm still not sure. I mean, it's not like as big as PROm or anything, so I'm thinking I want to like, 5-strand braid it maybe? Or do some sort of braided headband thing? Or some curls in their somewhere? Maybe a low messy bun, with some curls in their? I'm still not sure yet, actually.

Jewelry... definitely my diamond studs that I wear every day. Well, actually, theyre fake. But they look real. So shhh! And a Tiffany bracelet, definitely. The one I'm saving for! And I want to get a cute necklace at like Icing by Claire's or Forever 21! I'll have to post pics of my outfit when the time comes...

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