Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cute Flip Flops!

Remember that crop top post I did a few days ago? Well this one is gonna be just like that, except this time, I'm going to be talking about cute sandals/flipflops for the summer! Flip flops is basically what I wear every day during the entire summer pretty much lol! They're like, my lifeline hahaha. So like last time, I'll show you 5 different pairs of cute flip flops for summer! I love Abercrombie's flip flops, and Coach has some cute option too if you're willing to spend a little more money! Okay, here I go.

1. Abercrombie
Okay, these ones are actually the exact ones I have, same color, everything. These do come in other colors though - pink, orange, green, and this color are the colors still on the website. These are on sale right now for $10 and are called "vintage spring flip flops" - these flip flops are so strong, last year I wore these literally every day ad they lasted me the entire summer. These are from the kids store (mine are size large 7-8) but I'm sure the Abercrombie & Fitch store has larger sizes if you need!

2. Coach
These ones are definitely uper cute and summery, and are currently on sale for $29. They are a super cute print - I'm pretty sure these are from the Coach Poppy collection, which is my favorite Coach collection. definitely bright and colorful and very pretty!

3. Forever 21
These are another adorable option! These flip flops ar definitely bright, and colorful, and girly - black white and pink its like the perfect summer combo. Best of all, these are just $5.80 online! A definite must - these would be cute with a lwd - little white dress!

4. Hollister
These are like the cutest flip flops of all time! Definitely adorable, girly, and feminine! I love these things so much, especially the pretty pink flowers! Yes these are quite pricey at $34.50, but these vintage beach flip flops are leather, so they should last for quite a while. So summery and pwetty<3 

5. Abercrombie & Fitch
These flip flops are very similar to the ones from Hollister, but I had to include these! The flower is made up of two different colors - navy and grey, and the strap thingies, whatever you want to call them, are absolutely adorable, navy with white polka dots! These are so so so cute and would look amazing with like, a solid navy bikini at the beach. But these are on sale for $32.20. So I probably wouldn't wear them to the beach. But the website says they're genuine leather, so if you want a cute pair of leather flip flops, these were made for you.

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