Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Top 3 SPOBY Moments!

If you've kept up with my blog and have gotten to read some of my other posts, I'm sure you very well know that I am absolutely obsessed with the show Pretty Little Liars. You also know that I am totally obsessed with the couple Spoby - that would be, Spencer and Toby. And those of you who feel clueless, yea, Spencer is a girl. Just to clear that up haha. But between the end of the first season, as well as this season, Season 2, so far, there have been quite a few Spoby moments that are definitely worth dreaming about. And of course, they are also definitely blog-worthy. So, because of that, today I will be doing ths blog post on none other than the top three Spoby moments, at least in my opinion. (Oh, that reminds me, I need to do a blog post, maybe a debate style thing, between Spoby and Nedna, from the Simpsons. Don't ask why) But anyway, back to Spoby, Spoby is the cutest couple ever, and there have definitely been some memorable scenes. So with that, I introduce you to the third best Spoby moment...

3. During the twenty-first episode, titled "Monsters In The End" towards the end of an episode, Spencer was just trapped in a funhouse. She is saved by Ian Thomas, Melissa's husband, then, when she is outside, she sees Toby, who she had kissed already two epiode ago and is beginning to have feelings for. Against her mother's wishes, who urges her to walk the other way, she goes up and hugs Toby, then kisses him, full on the lips, right in front of her family. It's so sweet how she chooses him over what her mother wants! This shows she really cares about him :) So, watch for yourselves! Except, this isn't the full scene, exactly. It's much better the full thing, but I couldn't find it on the Blogger YouTube search thingy. But... (that link is to the full scene btw)

2. The second best Spoby moment is definitely from the nineteenth episode in the first season, again. This woul be Spencer and Toby's first kiss. They're outside the motel, Spencer getting ready to leave. It's morning and bright and sunny out, and...
Spencer: I'm sorry this was a total bust.
Toby: It wasn't a complete wash. To be honest, it was really fun to kick your a** at Scrabble
*Toby comes closer and they kiss for at least like, probably 3 seconds*
Spencer: I was not expecting that.
Toby: Me neither.
*Toby goes to go back inside the motel*
Spencer: Hey! It was not a complete a**-kicking by the way!
Toby: Goodbye, Spencer.
The scene is much better when you see it for yourself. Of course I can't find the thing on this stupid Blogger YT search. So...

1. Finally, the best for last! So, this happened in the latest episode, the third episode of season two, called "My Name Is Trouble." Toby was working this construction job, building a fence for Jason DiLaurentis, so he could save for a truck. Spencer, not wanting Toby to get hurt (she doesn't completely trust Jason, she thinks Ian is hiding in his house) goes and buys the truck he showed her a picture of on his phone for him. One day while Toby is working, Spencer drives the truck to Jason's house. Toby sees it, and Spencer says to take it, and that it's "all his." Toby smiles, asks about [paying her back. But then, he says to her for the first time ever, "I love you so much" - Spencer grins then says "I wanted to say that firat" The two then share a kiss, Jason DiLaurentis creepily watching them from his front porch. Again, I unfortunately cannot find this clip at all on this stupid Blogger YT search. But here is the full scene...

I hope you enjoyed tghe top three Spoby moments! And I hope you clicked and watched the clips, they're so amazing! TEAM SPOBY ALL THE WAY! ♥  

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