Friday, June 10, 2011

Quotes from Lady Antebellum Songs! ♥

Okay, so I'm gonna share 10 of my favorite Lady Angtebellum songs, you can write in the comments what the songs are, and if you get all 10 right, then I'll, um, congratulate you? Hahaha. But seriously, Lady Antebellum is my absolute FAVORITE! I'll start off easy, then get gradually harder. Yes, I probably will use a song more than once. No more than say, 2 times? A lot of these have the title of the song right in them! Most of these are from the album Need You Now
1. "I guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all... it's a quarter after one and I'm all alone and I need you now... I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now..."
2. "Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight, just a touch of the fire burning so bright, no i don't wanna mess this thing up, I don't wanna push too far. Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life...but baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight."
3. "There's a wild, wild whisper blowing in the wind, calling out my name like a long lost friend, oh I miss those days as the years go by, nothing's sweeter than summertime, but American honey..."
4. "And I wonder if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time..."
5. ""Just like driving on an open highway, never knowing what we're gonna find... Just like two kids baby, always trying to live it up, oh that's our kind of love..."
6. "All the empty disappears, I remember why I'm here, just surrender and believe, I fall down on my knees oh hello world..."
7. "Love only comes once in a while, knocks on your door, and throws you a smile, takes every breath, and leaves every scar, speaks to your soul and sings to your heart"
8. "And we were sitting in the sand when he grabbed my hand and leaned in for a kiss. I couldn't help but think to the stars above, it doesn't get much better than this!"
9. "Lying here with you so close to me, it's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe...caught up in this moment, caught up in your smile..." (That was actually pretty easy)
10. "Yeah I'm ready to feel now, no longer am I afraid of the fall down, I guess it's time to move on now, without the fear of how it might end..."

Oh yes I absolutely love Lady Antebellum! ♥


  1. these are really good! (:

  2. im In Love With #10<3'

  3. need you now
    just a kiss
    american honey
    need you now
    our kind of love
    hello world
    if i knew then
    perfect day
    just a kiss
    ready to love again :)
    i know my lady a!