Friday, June 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x1 It's Alive

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING BLOG POST WILL HAVE QUITE A FEW SPOLIERS! I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND - IF YOU DO, PLEASE DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING (YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! THIS IS FAIR WARNING!) Okay, so I talk about Pretty Little Liars sooo soooo much. But how can I not? It's only the best thing in time.So anyway, who else saw the season two premiere? Me me me me me!!! I think it's an amazing episode, but definitely not enough couple time. No Spoby. Not enough haleb, not enough Ezria. Even though Ezra did take his shirt off and look mega sexy. Not to mention when Toby snuck into Spencer's house (I could've sworn it was gonna be Ian) but that moment was so schweet. Yes, schweet. Teehee. And the whole Haleb situation... Hanna's right. It should've been her decision,l not Mona's. I think Mona's a b****. I hate her so much. It was Hanna's decision, not Mona's. Mona's so mean. I honestly think she's jealous of Hanna and Caleb's relationship. Is that why she's throwing herself all over Noel Kahn? I think so. Mona and Noel? Um, ew. Bad bad couple.Noel looked somewhat cute with Aria, but Mona? No way.And then, EMILY KISSED TOBY?!?! WTH??? I hate you Emily, for kissing Toby. You're so dead to me. Toby and Spenceer, not Toby and Emily. That doesn't sound right. And then, there's Melissa and Ian. I feel bad for Melissa, she seems like a really nice person, but what Ian did was wrong. Melissa should forget about Ian and move on. Their baby's name is pretty though. Taylor. Like Taylor Swift, or Taylor Lautner, if it's a boy. It's pretty. I like it. Ian, is a killer. I hope he's not alive. I just hope A took his body. SPOLER ALERT: I finished the last book, Wanted, today, and Alison had taken Ian's body, but he was dead. I hope it's just A, not Ian actually alive. That would be bad. *sigh*

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