Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review! Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

So today I'm gonna try something different - I'm going to do a review! A review on the mascara I've been using for almost a year now! This one is called Maybellinr Great Lash! First off, let me just say the tube is absolutely adorable - coral and green, my favorite summer combo! Those colors just go so well together, the tube is definitely attractive haha. My lashes? Yes too, when I use this mascara. When I do my makeup every morning, I do my lashes in two steps -first I curl my lashes, then I use this mascara. The eyelash curler doesn't do a lot for me but I still like to use it, because it does slightly help. So then I apply two coats of this mascara to each lash - I love it, except it can somewhat get kindof clumpy if you don't apply it right, and if you accidentally get it on your lid it makes a mess. But it's lasted me a whole year, just one tube. Which is definitely good. This comes off very easily when I use a proper makeup remover (currently I'm using Clinique Take the Day Off) but when I use just water, if I get it in my eyes it kills. But this mascara definitely adds volume to my lashes and definition. And best of all, it lasts the whole day! Oh, and let me tell you - NEVER sneeze while applying this mascara. After one year, this is still quite liquidy (which is good, I don't want it dried out) but if you sneeze then you'd prob have to take all your eye makeup off. And then redo the while process. Oh, and I only use mascara on my top lashe's so I can't say anything about my bottom lashes. But with two coats on top, if done carefully, this mascara works wonders! If you don't mind the slight clumping and the liquid-y formula, try this out and get amazing volume, length, and definition.

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