Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comic strips that desribe me!

I love Zits comics, They're so true. I found two in particular that describe me and that I completely love! <-- Go there to see more! But anyway, I'm gonna show you guys the 2 I think represent moi and I'll explain why!

1. Okay, I hope you guys can read this okay. Basically, Jeremy's mother is working on something on her computer and she needs to know the time. So she asks Jeremy, who says "Sorry, I don't have my phone with me." So then Jeremy's mother asks Jeremy the date, and the day of the week. Jeremy says he doesn't know. So then Jeremy's mother asks if it's raining outside, and Jeremy says "Mom, how would I know this stuff without my phone?" and then Jeremy and his mother both mutter "Unbelievable!" Jeremy because his mother expects him to know tha stuff, and his mother because her son doesn't know anything without his phone.I know stuff without my phone, but this shows how much people rely on phones these days! And usually if someone asks me any of those questions, I check my phone for the answer.

2. This one says how much STUFF teens have these days. Jeremy is sitting in a chair (on his phone, of course) and his mother comes over carrying a ton of Jeremy's things. So Jeremy says "teenagers! You can't live with 'em, and you can't live without 'em!" So Jeremy's mother throws all of Jeremy's stuff on top of him, so Jeremy says "And legally, you can't bury them alive in theit own junk." So in reply to that, Jeremy's mother says, "i'll need to see the statute on that" - ha! Yes, I would not want to be buried alive in my own "junk" so I really like this one. I tend to collect a lot of random "stuff" I don't exactly need, and I'm always being told to pick things up and lean and get rid of stuff! So I thought this one described me nicely.

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