Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's summer. Blah. My summer plans, etc.

So, yeah, it's officially summer. Blah. Yesterday was the last day of school for me, but I couldn't blog because I was at my friend's house hehehe. But anyway, yesterday sucked. Well, it was a pretty good day, at school, we just hung out outside and ate popsicles and Munchkins and played music and stuff so it was fun and we were allowed to play on our iPods or listen to music and have cameras or even use our phones and text. So it was pretty nice, and I brought in cupcakes, red velvet, and also just classic yellow. I think I mentioned that in a previous post. Everyone loved them haha. But yestrday was awesome, except at the end I had lost my bus pass to go home on my friend's bus, so I had to go upstairs to the main office to get another pass, except her bus left before I could go back down and say goodbye to any of my friends, which totally sucked, because now I probably won't see them until like September. At least we all will be on the same academic team (some concept at my school) next year because we all take French. I hope we're in the same classes. But hey, I can text them, but I think one of my friends is mad at me for that. *sigh* I'm so mad at myself for not saying goodbye. Becuase guess what? The bus driver didn't even take my bus pass! And I'm sure if I had stayed and said bye, he would've wanted it. Blah. But anyway, tonight is the new Pretty Little Liars, yeay! I will definitely be watching every episode every Tuesday night. I'm gonna try to tweet more this summer, too. Well, that's actually kinda pointless because usually I don't approve people when they try to follow me. But yeah. And I'm definitely gonna try and blog more, and make at least 2 videos per week. I think my mother is planning on going to our local beach for like 2 hours each day. Blah. That's super time consuming, but I'll try to make videos anyway. And I have summer reading this summer to do, I have to read two extremely boring books. I'm gonna go on  few vacations this summer too. So my summer is pretty blah I guess. I miss my frinds already. I know I can still text them, but it's so not the same. Okay, this is turning into a rant about me missing my friends. I guess I should end this post and begin another. What do you think? Okay, I will. Byebye.

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