Saturday, June 25, 2011

My ideal summer vacay spot!

For me, the last day of school is Monday. Now, every year I go away on vacation, and this year, the placce I am going to is, unfortunately, not my ideal summer vacay spot. My ideal summer vacay spot is... Turtle Island, Fiji. This place is so beautiful and so pretty with 14 beaches! You can even rent out the island (although I'm sure that would cost a lot of money) but still! The place is absolutely beautiful and I definitely want to buy like a house here someday. I thin this is like, the prettiest place in the world! So, if you don't know where in the world Fiji is, well, it's by Australia and New Zealand. Don't know where they are? LOOK ON A MAP, YOU DUMBBUTT! Jk. Haha but Fiji is an amazing country with so many beaches and pretty scenes, and according to the Turtle Island website, has amazing food. And from the descriptions, it does! And you all should know how much I love food. Actually, every Sunday, according to the website, on the menu is...

Main Course:
  • A modern lasagne of creamy leeks and pumpkin chutney separated by crispy sheet noodles and dressed with a light curry sauce.
  • “Trio of Chocolates” a sublime combination of warm dark chocolate pudding, light milk chocolate mousse and a scoop of white chocolate ice cream.
  • A very rich "Chocolate and Mocha" tart for the real chocolate lover with mocha ice cream.
Now how good does that sound?! Very good. I don't know why I want to go here. Probably because of how beautiful it is! I definitely want to get married here, on the beach, at midnight, on new Year's Eve. That is my ideal wedding. But anyway, according to the website, there are tons of things to do here, both water and land activities to keep you busy. Can't you see why this is my ideal vacation spot? Here, I'll post a picture...

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