Monday, June 13, 2011

Piercings and Tattoos...

I felt like blogging, and me and my friend were having a random conversation of tattoos and piercings. And so this blog post came about. I have two piercings right now, one in ach of my earlobes, but that's it. I really would like to getmy ear (lobes) pierced a second time, and then my cartlidge, although it does sound extremely painful. This girl in my class got a nose piercing yesterday, it looks amazing. But I don't think a nose piercing would suit me. Belly button piercing, I want. But it sounds kind of disgusting and painful, but it looks pretty cool. Like, imagine a diamond belly button! That would be so cool to have, especially in summer during swimsuit season. I would never get my eyebrow, lip, or tongue pierced though. That's too high on the gross/ugly factor for me. I would probably get a tattoo, probably a small one on like my left side of my lower abdomen, a small red heart, maybe? Sounds painful to think about though. Or a tattoo on your foot? Ohmigod, I want like gray or silver stars on my foot. Sounds painful again, though. High up on your arm would be less painful but I don't like it. My lower back or shoulder would be cool. Still a heart... I'm not sure what I want right now. But what if I didn't like it, I guess it really hurts to get it off... I don't know if it would be worth that risk. I'm still pretty young though, I'm actually not even in high school yet, so I have a long time to consider a tattoo and/or belly button piercing. That would be cool though, a diamond belly button. Ha!

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