Friday, June 10, 2011

An Ode to Springtime...

Okay, this is not a poem, but I'll post a poem probably tomorrow that's titled "An Ode to Springtime" that actually is not written by me but it's definitely my favorite poem ever! So if you keep up with my blog and read it all, then you know that I had a poetry book due. Well my friend who I mentioned in another post, the drawing hearts one, well he wrote an amazing Ode to Springtime poem and he totally memorized it, and it;s absolutely amazing. So I need to have him text it to me and I need to ask him if I can share it with you because it's the best poem I've ever read by far. I love it. It's prfec t. My Ode to Springtime poem is actually really cheesy. I guess his is too, but it's still absolutely like, flawless. So, I guess, sometimes cheesy writing can be a good thing? Maybe I'll post mine if I feel like it... I don't know. But seriously, his poem is totally amazing and I like am stunned because it's sooo good. FAVORITE POEM! Hahaha I can't wait to hopefully share it with you guys:)

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