Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I just finished frosting 44 cupcakes - 23 of them red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and the other 21 classic yellow with chocolate frosting. Why? Because I'm bringing cupcakes to school tomorrow yeayyyy! Because unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of school. Blahhh. But I learned this funny trick thingy to frosting cupcakes: first do just a thin laayer then go back, put a little frosting on just the tip of your knife, then starting from the center of the cupcake, make little swirls, and slowly work your way towards the edges of the cupcake. And they come out so much better that way. And thanks to the first base layer thingy, the cake doesn't get all smushed in with the frosting, yay! Oh, and I use a plastic knife the first time I spread that thin layer, that helps less cake get like "smushed" in with the frosting, even though I had let the cupcakes cool for like 3 hours. Ha. But I'm bringing them in for my homeroom tomorrow...don't ask me why I have 44 cupcakes, I got 2 boxes of cake mix, one Classic Yellow (Duncan Hines), and then a Red Velvet (also Duncan Hines) and each box was supposed to make 24 cupcakes. But I only got 23 and 21 haha. But 1 thing of frosting was more than enough for the cupcakes. I frosted all of them pretty generously and there was even some left over! And then I sprinkled the yellow w/ chocolate ones, not the red velvet ones because I can't see red velvet cake qwith sprinkles unless they're red, which some of these were, and they were rainbow, so I was definitely not gonna go through them all and pick through finding the red ones. No way. Haha it was fun though, making cupcakes:) I'll have to post a picture soon! And that concludes this post - au revoir!

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