Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Fashion/Trends ♥

I just filmed a video on my favorite summer fashion/trends! It's up on my channel,, or you could just finish reading this blog post, and I will attach it there. But in this blog post, I will also be blogging about some summer fashion that I'm into right now. There are definitely a ton of cute summer fashions that would work on anyone, for several occasions! One of them is cute, flowy, lightweight tanks. I personally like pale colors when it comes to this because they're more lightweight (at least they feel like that) and they keep you cooler. Not to mention they come in super cute designs right now! So summery! I especially like these with ruffles and flowers, such as the ones from Abercrombie's Soft and Pretty Collection. Soft and pretty is the perfect way to describe these tanks! they're great to wear on a picnic, a walk, a date, to school, if you're still in school like me, whatever you want. They're so effortless and make your body look amazing. The next trend I mentioned in the video was short shorts. Not so short it rides up your butt, but short like, just-barely-get-away-with-them-at-school short. You can find these in tons of colors, I personally like classic blue denim, khaki, and white. Way cute. And with a cute belt and a tank, you have like one of the cutest outfits ever! I showed you guys the white shorts (which I am wearing today) and then denim shorts. Also, shorts come in various lengths, so if you want something shorter or longer, that will be amazingly cute as well. Okay, the next thing I wanted to talk about was sweaters and cardigans. In the video, I showed you guys a short sleeved sweater, navy blue, with some ruffling. That was super cute and definitely something you can just throw on over about anything on a cool summer day. These are also effortless, and they come in so many cute, bright colors (unlike my plain old navy one haha) but seriously. Yellows, corals, turquoise,,,these aren't that hard to find, and they look adorable. Okay, then, there's jewelry. In the video, I talked about oversized rings. Yes, oversized rings, like the 5 I showed you guys, from Forever 21. That purple one makes the others look so small hahaha! But oversized rings are becoming more and more popular, and are so pretty and sparkly and all-around amazing accessories. They dress up any outfit, and make something plain look not-so-blah anymore. I've seen quite a few of these oversized rings in magazines and they're all so cute. They've become an obsession of mine! So colorful, bright, classic, effortless, girly! A definite summer must-have. And then I also discussed the "beachy-bronze" look and showed you guys this bronzer, and a sparkly brown eyeliner. Beachy-bronze is my favorite look so far. basically, it's golden-bronze eyes, with bronzed cheeks and a neutral lip. It looks amazing on pretty much any skintones and is perfect for summer! I won't be doing this look every day, but it is definitely something I will do oftem this summer! Beach bronze makeup and tousled hair...oh yes, that would be perfection.

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