Saturday, September 24, 2011

3 Most Romantic Moments - PLL Season 2

Anyone else who has watched the summer half of the second season of Pretty Little Liars knows that there were plenty of drool-worthy romantic scenes between the four main PLL couples... Ezria, Emaya, Haleb, and of course, my favorite, Spoby. I've picked the top three most romantic my opinion, anyway, and decided to blog about them. I picked my three favorite couples (Haleb, Ezria, Spoby, sorry, Emaya) and one romantic moment from each...I'll try to attach video clps if I can of of them actually made me cry :')
3. From episode 2, The Goodbye Look, Ezria. It's Ezra's last day as Aria's teacher, and he delivers a last-day speech, which is actually about how much he loves Aria and how she's changed his life. then, Aria races down to the school parking lot while Ezra is packing his car, and they kiss, quite passionately. Sorry for the bad video quality!
2. From episode 12 Over My Dead Body, Spoby. So, A made Spoby break up and now Spencer is at the police station being accused of Alison's murder. now, Toby comes to see Spencer and while being held back by two police officers, says "i don't care about what you can't tell me, I care about you! I love you! Do you hear me? I love you!' Meanwhile, Spencer walks away holding back tears. It doesn't sound romantic, but watching Toby say I lover you over and over while being held back by two police's pretty sad.
1. From episode 9 Picture This, Haleb. this is the scene that made me cry...Caleb tells Hanna that he's going to California to see his mother, and they have to say their goodbyes...luckily, Caleb eventually does come back, but this episode is really said and filled with "I love yous." This video is the best I could find... but then here's another:

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