Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthdayyy - Battle of cakes!

Hi everyonee...So, don't you remember when  I used to blog not about set topics so much, and by that I mean like certain fashion trends and certain products, but more just random, what's going on in my life type things? Guess what? today I'm doing another post sort of like that, because I like doing those and thought it wuld be nice just to take a quick break from all of that and talk about a little of what's going on in my life, because my real life is not something I discuss in great detail on my blog or my YouTube..I post things that somehow relate to me on my Tumblr, so go check that out if you want... but generally, I don't discuss my life with you. Well, guess what? Today I will be. So I hae a friend who's birthday is today...I don't know if any of these people want me to say their names so I'm just going by L, D, and A. L's birthday is today, so happy birthday, ly, even though we haven't talked in a while. Then I have another friend, who's more of a guy friend, whose birthday is tomorrow. And then happy birthday to another friend whose birthday is Tuesday. Well basically I'm gonna talk about the dude whose birthday is tomorrow... like three of the peeps at my lunch table are also good friends with him and we're all gonna make him cakes and he'll decide what one he likes best by doing a blind taste test on Monday. I'm bringing just a piece of red velvet with cream cheese icing, my personal favorite. Another friend, S, is making chocolate with chocolate, another friend, also S, is making a surprise cake. So I don't know what it will be. And then E is making something I forget. Sigh. mine had better win. I'll update you guys on that...

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