Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Favorite Books!

A while back, I did a YouTube video called "Preparing for Summer - My Favorite Books" after macbarbie07 had done it. To this day, that is the video with the most views, over 6,000 and still counting. I thought I'd do another one of those, blog form, and ofcourse, not "Preparing for Sunmer, but just, in general, my favorite books. I picked three that I LOVE, and don't worry, I didn't repeat any from a certain series, but guess what? If one of thse on my list is part of a series, odds are good that I just reccomend the entire series. These are in order from my fifth favorite to my number one. I hope you decide to check out these books...some of them actually made me excited about reading!
3. That Summer by Sarah Dessen
This book is about fifteen year old Haven - she's nearly six feet tall, still growing, her father's getting remarried, and her sister Ashley is also getting married. Haven is having a toughtime getting used to all of these changes, but then one of Ashley's old boyfriends comes back and reminds Haven of all of those seemingly perfect summers.
2. Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard
This is the second novel in the Lying Game series. Emma Paxton is still looking for her twin sister Sutton Mercer's killer, and she has a numbeer of suspects, such as the Twitter Twins, who she believes to be Sutton's murderer(s) - Sutton's killer keeps telling Emma about a "train prank" which is revealed to be when Sutton drove a car and got it "stuck" on top of a train track when a train is coming, and Gabriella, one of the Twitter twins, ends up in the hospital. By the end of the book, it is revealed that Gabby and her twin sister, Lili, are both completely innocent and they just wanted to be part of he Lying Game all along.
1. Twisted by Sara Shepard
No doubt about it, this is my all-time favorite book, number nine in the Pretty Little Liars series, which are, my nine favorite books eve. But I'm only letting myself blog about one per series. But seriously, this book is so dang good. It continues the storyline from the eighth book, Wanted, after Ali sets the house on fire trying to kill them. TYhe Liars were in Jamaica on vacation after the Ali incident, and they pushed a girl they believed to be her off a building, killing her. Aria's jealous of her boyfriend Noel's new exchange student, blonde, perfect Klaudia from Finland. Hanna's father is running for Senator, and Patrick, a, "photographer" has racy photos of her that he'll release, ruining Hanna's father's campaign, if Hanna doesn't give him $10,000. Spencer has a crush on her son-to-be stepbrother, and Emily is doing whatever it takes to get a swim scholarship, plus it is revealed that she had a baby girl and that's why she had quit swimming. A is back and threatening them with all of these secrets.

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