Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi! Guess what...today's a really important  milestone for my blog! Because guess what...this is post number 250? I have a pretty good idea for what to blog about on this one...I was thinking I rewrite my blog intro. Like the first ever blog post I did for this blog. Like I'm welcoming you to it, but this one could be more...detailed and might help you get a better idea of what my blog is, was, and will be about...I hope you don't think that's stupid... lol. Followers, thank you so so so much for following this blog! It means a lot to me that you take the time to read this!!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Ali, except not really, because, guess what? I'm not exactly allowed to give out my real name, so I picked Ali as my alias, inspired after my favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars. I hope you like that show if you're reading this blog, because it's something I tend to blog about an awful lot. Along with fashion trends, and tips, and my beauty wishlists and fashion wishliss and makeup swatches...I also sometimes blog about random things, like what's going on in my lie, or what I did that day. Oh, and I blog about music and food too, two of my loves! I really hope you love my blog as much as I love you for reading this(: If you wanna request something for me to blog about, you totes can! Thank you for reading my intro that's not actually an intro...xoxo, "Ali"

So, there. Another intro, that's not really an intro. I didn't exactly know what else to say, because, really, what else is there to put i a blog post? Exactly. Nothing else I can really think of. Say welcome, introduce yourslf, introduce the blog...a;ll that fun stuff, lol. Sigh. I hope you enjoyed and I apologize if you did not like my 250th blog post. Anyway, thank yousss to everyone who sat at there computer or stared a their iPod touch/iPhone screen, etc. and took a few minutes to read my blog...I'm sure that few minutes could've been used better elsewhere...so, thanks again! xo

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