Sunday, September 25, 2011

NARS Cosmetics Wishlist

A while back, I did a post talking about the top five products on my MAC wishlist...well today, I'm doing another wishlist, just like that one, only with the brand NARS. I have not yet tried anything from NARS, but 've heard a ton of great things about the brand and really would like to try a few NARS products. NARS is a little more expensive than MAC, but supposedly NARS is well worth it.
5. NARS Laguana Bronzing Powder
This is one of what NARS considers one of thir cult classics...well actually 3 of the 5 on this list are cult But this is a very nice shade of bronzer and I've heard a lot of good reviews and seen amazing swatches of this one! This one is in quite a few of the YouTube videos I watch and it is a very pretty bronzer that looks like it would go great with my skintone. Very pretty bronzer, that's for sure...but it's $33, quite expensive for a bronzer, dontcha think?

4. NARS Lip Gloss - Striptease
This lip gloss is the first of two lipglosses - I saw a blog post on line containing swatches of both Striptease and my number one NARS product on my wishlist - this one looked beautiful as well, slightly less pink and a bit more shimmery, definitely a very pretty lipgloss! This one made the blogger's lips look very pretty and shimmery and overall very nice. This lipgloss is described as a candlelight nude - and that's almost exactly what it is. $24.

3. NARS Blush - Orgasm
This is the first of two NARS blushes on this wishlist. Orgasm is described as a peachy pink with golden shimmer, and is just a little bit lighter than the next blush on this wishlist. It is really pretty and I love how shimmery this one is. This blush looks absolutely beautiful online and the color looks so pretty and perfect if you were looking for a light pink blush - very girly and pretty! Looks so nice and it would be perfect with my everyday makeup look! However, it is $27...

2. NARS Blush - Deep Throat
Deep Throat is one of the most popular NARS blushes. It is super pretty and looks like it would go great with any skintone for nearly any occasion. It is really pretty and is described as a flirty, sheer peach, which is definitely the kind of blush I'm looking for. It is very very pretty and I don't think there is any way to go wrong with this. NARS blushes are known for great quality, which is expected, because after all, these blushes are a tad expensive at $27.

1. NARS Lip Gloss - Turkish Delight
 This one isn't really a surprise. This is described as a pink sherbet and is a very pretty NARS classic that I am dying to try out. Kim Kardashian also loves this gloss! The price is a bit high at $24, but if it iss good as it is said to be, and if there's a lot of product, this gloss may be worth it! I have heard nothing but amazing reviews on this.

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