Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lady Antebellum "Own the Night"

Okay, so one of my favorite bands of all time, well, probably my favorite band of all time, is releasing a new album on Tuesday September 13th, called Own the Night and I am really really excited to check out this album. Lady Antebellum posts preview clips of each song on their YouTube, so check it out at so check it out! So far, four songs have been released on iTunes that will be on this amazing album - Just a Kiss, We Owned the Night, Dancin' Away With My Heart, and, most recently, Wanted You More. I really really like them all they are definitely still #1 on my list of top bands. All of these songs are mazing, Hillary and Charles and Dave are all very talented. I definitely noticed the instrumentals in all of their sons which is very unusual because I usually don't pay attention to things like that. But I love them! I really do love love love all of the songs I've heard they are some of the best Lady A songs yet! I will definitely be purchasing the album on Tuesday morning ASAP. Their songs are really addicting and Wanted You More is actually stuck in my head right now, hahaha. I really really love all of these songs and I think they are totally amazing, and as you can probably tell, I am very very excited for the release of this album! To go to the official website, the page on this CD, please click here: This album, like I said is so so so AMAZING! And I really hope you all check it out! Now here is one of their songs, We Owned the Night, one of my favorites:)

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