Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Favorite Stores!

Hi everyone, today I decided to pick my top three fvorite stores to shop for clothes, and talk to you about why I like them and their clothes! This is in a random order.
1. Abercrombie - I always love the classic, prettystyle of everything Abercrombie. I personally find the fit (usually) very flattering and everything always has the prettiest details and patterns and there are so many cute things there. The price is a little bit more expensive than shopping at like Target, but everything is really pretty and cute and I definitely think that it is worth it.
2. Forever 21 - Everything at Forever 21 is really really pretty and girly yet super inexpensive. Meaning, you can feel pretty without spending a ton of money on things you don't need to spend that much money on! Forever 21 sells a ton of different styles of clothing, and also pretty jewelry! I personally love the rings there which are really really inexpensive yet still really pretty.
3. Victoria's Secret Pink - Yes, I've blogged about this one, and I know I'm getting kind of obsessed. Yes, I understand I only have six things from there, but I love them. First off, I absolutely love the color pink, and the style of the store, I love going in there. So far, the things I've gotten have been super great quality, although the price is kinda high. The underwear there all really comfortable in cute patterns and I really like them. The tote bags are perfect for a school bag and t-shirts are always a must!Super awesome store.

Thank you for reading this and I'll talk to you guys later! xoxo

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  1. Girls go crazy over fashion! They buy clothes that fit their style. Yours is very girly and fun! Others prefer clothes that follow a particular theme like, say, punk. Anyway, what matters most is how the person feels with himself or herself whenever he or she wears clothes, right?