Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, I'm taking this extra art class thing...this advanced art thing...which is kind of cool because I love art and I like being able to say I'm in this "advanced" art class. Well, I still have a regular art class. This is just this extra class thing that I was invited to be in. I did this last year too but with a different teacher. There's two art teachers at my school. And this year, for our first assignment, the topic is feet. It can be anything, any profile (ex. pencil, marker, colored pencils, watercolor, pastel, etc) and anything at all, as long as the image is of some type of feet...human feet, penguin feet, pig feet, whatever...as long as it's feet. I'm trying to decide what I want to do...we're supposed to base our feet after a picture, so using Google I found two pictures I'm trying to decided between. I'm gonna post them here, and you guys can tell me what to do! Also, I want to know what profile...I was thinking I wanna try stippling, but I've never done that before and have heard it's hard. I could also stick with black and white, just plain old pencil. I'm not sure at all what I'd like to try, probably something that could allow me to be very detailed...because that's one thing I love when it comes to art, is detail. Love detail. It makes the artwork look more realistic. Oh, and this is allowed to be abstract, too, but I personally prefer it to be realistic rather than abstract. I'm still not sure exactly what I want...I want it to be something I can make look really good. I'm best at pencil drawings, but I want to add some color to this one. Colored pencil, maybe? I have no idea! Please leave comments as to what picture I should base mine off of and also what profile! I hope that's the right word, btw. Our art teacher says "profile" but I haven't heard that word used like that before....oh well. Thanks in advance if you tell me your opinions! xoxo
Let's say this one is Option A. I love everything about this one, but it's very detailed and I'm not sure this one would come easy to me! It's an amazing photo though and I think it would be interesting and would come out beautifully!

And let's call this one Option B. I love this one too - I think this one would be easier to do than Option A, but I think I like the feel to Option A a little more. What drew me to this one was the baby sea turtles...they're sooo cute!

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