Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foodie Review: Pretzel M&Ms

Today I got a chance to try, for the first time, Pretzel M&Ms. I got a box at my local dollar store for, obviously, $1, because I've been wanting to try these - I love M&Ms, and I love pretzels, so if I put the two together, then I'd ought to love them, right? Yes! Pretzel M&Ms are really yummy and I LOVE them! They are really big and for $1 I would say I got quite a few and I love them - they taste salty, sweet, and crunch all in one bite, just like the box promises. These are so yummy and chocolate pretzel-y! Not quite as yummy as a chocolate pdipped pretzel, but pretty close to it. They have the perfect combo of sweet and salty and you can definitely taste both parts - the M&Ms and the pretzel...yummy! It's like chocolatepretzel heaven! I will probably be buying these again because they are so so so amazing and I'm happy I got the chance to try these! Very very tasty and mouthwatering, yum! 

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