Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to thoughts and opinions!

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in almost a week, and that would be because on Tuesday I went back to school. I never mentioned, but last weekend I went on vacation so then after that I had to unpack and get ready for school, I couldn't blog Tuesday because I had some homework, Wednesday was my sisters dance class and I had to write a paper on the qualities of a good student, yesterday was Thursday, I had my dance class, then I had to go to like an hour and a half of community service because its required where I live at the age I am. And I havento go back later tonight and also tomorrow morning. Sigh. Well anyway, I wanted to tell you some of my opinions on my new school year and what's been going on and basically just an update. So, I went to school Tuesday it was raining so I didn't end up wearing my dress. I'll get to that outfit later. But basically, I really miss last year. I had all my friends on my team, the best teachers ever, a few friends in my homeroom, a, um, crush. That maybe sorta likes me back. And all that fun stuff. This year is a lot different. I do like some of my teachers, mainly just my algebra teacher, history teacher, and French. My science teacher is really annoying and her class is boring. I'm in her homeroom. And it SUCKS. So, basically, I have no friends in my homeroom, so when she let's us talk basically I just sit there like a friendless loser. Sigh. Then my English teacher, he is gonna make us read Mac Beth. BLAH. And he's making me sit with this kid that doesn't exactly have the best hygiene habits if you know what I mean? Sigh. I really miss last year. At least I have a few classes with some of my friends and we have the same lunch luckily. I think that I won't like school as much as last year. Like last year I LOVED school. Like once my mother wanted to go on a day trip so she tried to convince me to skip school. I actually put up a fight to go to school. And it wasn't like the trip would've sucked or anything... There was a Vera Bradley outlet there. Sigh. But basically I want to go back to last year.

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