Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Eyeshadow Duo Review and Swatches

Today I decided to review and swatch the Clinique Eyeshadow Duo for you. It is described as "a must-have golden pink parnered with a deep blushing brown" and that's pretty much exactly what it is. The link is... and it's $18.00. For some reason the packaging I have is different, which is weird, because the duo I have is not old at all. But, oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter. Both of these are really shimmery, especially the golden pink, I realized how super shimmery it was after accidentally wearing it as a highlight color once. Oops. But both colors are really pigmented and a pretty high quality. And they're super long lasting, probably longer lasting than MAC's, but that's probably just because I don't use a primer. The colors go on really easily and blend well, which is nice, and generally the colors shown online are true to the colors I actually have in real life, which I like, because sometimes with MAC, even though I prefer MAC to Clinique, the colors shown online are definitely not true to the actual product. But this is, and I love that. $18 is, although it may sound expensive for an eyeshadow duo, pretty good. Clinique eyeshadows, duos or single shadows, las me a really long time and there's plenty of product. I have also found that just a little bit of this goes a long way. Now time for swatches!

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